Students trade a toothbrush

22 March 2017

This week Farnborough State School students had the opportunity to bring in a shaggy old toothbrush and trade it in for a new one.

The team from Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service Oral Health Unit visited the school to remind students to recycle their old toothbrushes.

Dental therapist Kim Lee said the school holidays were a great reminder for families to replace their toothbrushes.

“A toothbrush should be replaced every three months or when it becomes shaggy and worn out,” she said.

“The students talked about replacing shaggy toothbrushes and how they can be recycled into new products such as seating and bins.”

Kim also reminded families that a child needed help to brush their teeth effectively until about the age of eight years, as they have not yet developed all the manual co-ordination required for effective daily brushing.

Dental assistant Robyn Halloran provided information about free dental check-ups and treatments offered by Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service in the Mobile Dental Clinic, which is currently located at Capricorn Coast Hospital and Health Service.

The Mobile Dental Unit offers dental care for children from the age of four years old up to the end of year 10. Some children 0 – 3 years old and year 11 and 12 students may be eligible with Medicare, please check with the clinic for more information.

Information was sent home to all students at Farnborough State School and enquires for students attending all schools in the Capricorn Coast region can be made by telephoning the Mobile Dental Clinic on 0408 771 129

Pictured is Year 1 student Blake, recycling his toothbrush and looking at a collection of rubbish collected from Mulambin Beach.