CQ Health moves to stable executive leadership

17 May 2017

Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service Chief Executive Steve Williamson congratulates Wendy Hoey (left) and Sandy Munro on their official executive role appointments.

Chief Executive Steve Williamson said he and Board Chair Paul Bell were focused on bringing stability to the leadership team, and two major appointments this week are a big step to achieving that goal.

Wendy Hoey has been appointed Executive Director of the Rockhampton Business Unit, and Sandy Munro has been appointed the Executive Director of Nursing, Midwifery, Quality and Safety.

“Wendy and Sandy have worked in our health service in Rockhampton and Gladstone for many years and have contributed greatly to its success,” Mr Williamson said. “I am delighted they have reaffirmed their commitment to this service and our community moving forward and am happy and proud to announce their appointment.”

Ms Hoey has been acting in the executive role for the past nine months. She has worked at Rockhampton Hospital for 22 years, including many years as a nurse leader in mental health and a nursing director.

Ms Munro has been Executive Director Nursing and Midwifery since 2014 and has been acting in the dual Executive Director Quality and Safety role for the past 18 months. Previously she was the Director of Nursing at Gladstone Hospital from 2002 to 2010.

Mr Williamson said other executive roles filled by long-time locum staff were under recruitment, and it was expected all executive leadership positions would be filled by fulltime staff this year.

“We recognised the importance of having a team of permanent executives, but at the same time it’s absolutely imperative we select the right staff for the right job, and this takes time.

“I was encouraged to see a high level of interest in the latest recruitment campaign, with a strong field of applicants, and I am confident we have chosen the cream of the crop,” he said.

“Our executive leadership team works hard to ensure our clinical and support teams have the tools they need to shape the long-term future of hospitals and health services in Central Queensland.”