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CQHHS recognises that there are many health service providers in Central Queensland and across Australia who have the expertise and processes to enhance the delivery of health services to out patients.


The Sub-Acute Chronic Care Rehabilitation Interdisciplinary Student Clinic at CQUniversity is the result of an effective partnership between CQUniversity and the health service.
The clinic integrates and coordinates clinical placements for more than 150 preentry students each year. It creates a functional workforce that provides sub-acute care to clients with a range of complex chronic diseases.

The clinic provides interdisciplinary, goal-oriented, time-limited intervention to clients with disabling conditions. After assessing a client’s condition, those who have the potential to improve their independence and quality of life are managed through a rehabilitation program.


The public ophthalmology service within the health service ceased in 2007. Ongoing recruitment attempts to re-establish the service were unsuccessful and ophthalmology patients were being put on waiting lists outside the health service. In late 2013, a partnership with Vanguard Health led to the implementation of a three phase plan for the reintroduction of an ophthalmic service to treat patients locally so as to reduce the need for patients to travel to South East Queensland for treatment.

The first phase was designed to re-establish a public service utilising private service providers. This phase was completed by mid 2014 and about 200 public patients received their surgery closer to home.

The second phase is underway and is designed to introduce more ophthalmologists to Central Queensland with an agreed contract for the provision of 623 ophthalmic procedures to Central Queenslanders in Central Queensland.

Phase 3 is the consolidation of full consultative and surgical services at Rockhampton Hospital. Phase 3 is service vision for the future.

Gladstone Hospital

Gladstone Hospital is part of the Rio Tinto One Gladstone Health Plan Executive Group which is focussing on working together to improve services for the whole population of Gladstone and its greater area. The group identifies barriers and works together to overcome them.

Gladstone Hospital also works in partnership with Gladstone Mater to create more sustainable services moving away from the single practitioner model.

Work started on the rebuild of Gladstone Hospital’s operating theatre and high dependency unit in a partnership with local industry with the work funded through generous industry donations by QGC ($1.5 million for operating theatre work) and Santos GLNG ($1.45 million for high dependency unit work).

Capricorn Coast Hospital

To address the historic recruitment and retention difficulties at Capricorn Coast Hospital, the health service partnered with Vanguard Health for the attracting, contracting, payroll and retention of 6 full-time medical practitioners over a three year agreement at the Capricorn Coast Hospital. Two new doctors started work at Capricorn Coast Hospital as a result of this partnership in July 2014.


CQHHS continues to test the efficiency and effectiveness of its service delivery in the open market to ensure Central Queenslanders are receiving the maximum health returns.

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30 June 2015